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Taklobo Tours 2017

I'm not really a big fan of beaches and oceans because of their salty taste and I've thought that I've explored all that Samal Island has to offer from beaches, island hopping, Hagimit falls, seeing dolphins and others. I was so used to Samal that it surprises me when people from other regions would see its white sand and are amazed by it when it's what I've always seen but wait there's more! There's still the rich underwater life of Samal and one way to explore it is through the Taklobo Tours.

What is Taklobo? Taklobo is a local term for Giant Clams. These are one of the most endangered clam species and these clams can be seen in Samal and you can swim with them through Taklobo Tours. Taklobo Tours is located at Barangay Adecor at Island Garden City of Samal. It's around 30-45 minutes drive from the wharf. 

We started our journey from Mahan Beach Resort at around 3 pm.  It was a bit late and we can say that the chances of us taking the tour during that day would be unlikely but we still had to beat the odds. Our co-workers used Waze to help us in finding the place. There were also signs along the road but we got confused along the way and we took more time that we should. Thank God a guy along the road showed us the way to the place! We would have never reached it before dusk if it wasn't for him. The road was also a little bumpy, dusty and high which made it more challenging. To make it easier for you to find it, it's located near Pearl Farm Beach Resort.

Upon arrival, there weren't any boats in the area anymore but the person in-charge of the tours were still in the arrival area. They told us that the last trip was only until 4 pm, though they operate at from 8 am to 5 pm, the tour is only good for one hour but we pleaded and until he finally called a boatman to take us to the area. Yipee! :)
Happy face! :)

Each boat can cater a maximum of 6 person only. Each boat costs 500 pesos. There were seven of us in the group so we had to split up and take up two boats. The travel time from the island to the sanctuary is around 5-7 minutes.

Riding the boat on our way to the sanctuary! Eggzzoited!

Upon arrival, we wee welcomed by their very friendly staffs. Yes, they are very friendly and accommodating despite the fact that they had to extend their stay at work because we came late. Hehe. We proceeded to pay the entrance fee and the rental of the mask and snorkel. You can bring your gear if you have one, so you won't have to rent. We paid Php 200.00 each including the snorkling gear and the entrance fee.

Before proceeding with the tour, we had an orientation with this guy.  He told us about the giant clams, its history, how the tour was made possible by the LGU and its partners and the do's and dont's during the tour.

  • Stay afloat always (they provide life jackets) including your feet to keep it from touching the clams and getting injured
  • Follow the guide always

  • Touch the giant clams
  • Let go


We're on our way to meet the clams! :)
 We had a very friendly and accommodating guide. He took pictures of us and was really fun during the tour! Thank you, Sir! :)

At first, we weren't really sure what we were looking for since it was dark because it was already late in the afternoon but when we got the lighter areas of the sanctuary we were amazed. :)

Smile! We weren't really sure how to use the snorkeling gear! Hahaha
 These are the photos our guide took for us during the tour. Isn't nature amazing? :)

We need to keep hold of these rings to be able to follow the guide. :)

Yay! Giant Clams! :)

Hello, Nemo! :) Is that your dad? Hahaha

I was so scared to that I might put my feet down unconsciously that I had to try my best to keep it afloat. It wasn't that hard though. Haha. (praning lang)

After the tour, group in life jackets goal! Start with a basic shape: a circle. 

Happy us on our way home :)


  1. Hi, is this still the same rates? how can we go there if we are in from Patar Beach ? Planning to visit Bolinao by end of month. Thanks !

    1. Hi! This is situated in Davao City and not in Pangasinan. :)


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